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Fairate Express Ltd. is your source for air freight services
with the flexibility to meet your needs.

With our comprehensive range of services and competitive freight rates, Fairate Express Ltd can meet your requirement with our reliability and professionalism.

Given the degree of globalization and the emergence of global supply chains, the role of the air freight industry has become increasing important to the global economy. Consequently, there have been considerable changes in the industry as it continues to evolve. The majority of goods we carry tends to be high-valued goods such as pharmaceuticals, machine tools, computers and electronics, auto parts, perishables, instruments, and medical equipment. Most of this is considered just-in-time components used for time-sensitive processing.

(a) International Air Freight

Cost-effective and efficient International Air Cargo Transportation Services include:

(b) GOH Service

Stands for "Garment on Hanger" service, this serves the customers who ship cargo not in flat-pack, but in " Hangers". We will provide the equipment and labors to put the customers' garment products on hangers inside the warehouse or in the open area.